How often do you update you app and why it’s important

As the internet grows in leaps and bounds, it provides us with information that we either take or leave. We need to determine whether it is factual or not.  Deciding factors that back up a site’s credibility is to determine if there are working links, updated blogs, along with a current copyright year at the footer. Once we’ve established that the site is current we then decide whether the content is accurate or not.
The same thing can be said in the app ecosystem. We take a look at the webpage and app product page to determine its level of credibility by looking to see if its be recently updated, if the feedback in reviews has shifted to kind words and 5 bright stars that makes your app even more awesome. These updates to keep current help determine whether a potential user should or shouldn’t download your app. Users are not stupid, they look for attention to details if you care, they will care, as they want to be part of that success with you. Its your brand, make it count.