Rite Aid deploys proximity iBeacons in more than 4,500 stores.

Marks the largest deployment of beacons in retail to date.

We thought Macy’s was a big roll out with 4,000 beacons in their stores. But now we find that Rite Aid takes the top place. Now with over 85 stores closing across the nation, Macy’s use of iBeacons deployment is shrinking.

InMarket has partnered with Rite Aid to provide Beacon-level proximity data to retail stores. provided personalization of marketing campaigns directly at the mobile-consumer level and will provide retargeted marketing capabilities that is widely used in e-commerce.

inMarket communications director Dave Heinzinger is quoted in ZDNet as stating that “Our strategy has been to build out relationships with apps that people already use, rather than try to reinvent the wheel and get people to download something new.”

Rite Aid has taken further steps to be part of digital marketing infrastructure by using iBeacons to retarget and personalize to the customer. Connecting themselves at the store – level for more digital-service.