We aren’t keeping any secrets around here…  we’re working on some projects that involve real time marketing, both time specific and location based, with the intention of ruling the world with our partners…  or at least providing a significant reason for SMBs to get involved and want to use the tools we’re creating to actively engage with their customer base to increase sales, generate a more positive ROI and create a better, more interactive relationship with their target demographic.

So this chart we ran across on MarketingCharts.com claiming a 26% increase in conversions using real time marketing makes us very happy.  Better customer experience is cited as a main benefit to merchants adopting the practice as well; that’s how we see it.

Building a brand is one of those cyclical ideas that goes in and out of favor, especially as far as technology vs. the reach of technology is concerned.  For instance, if I’m Google, I want everyone to know my URL – google.com, obviously — but if I’m buying keywords on Google Adwords, I am way more concerned with getting the keywords right and driving traffic to my optimized landing pages and offers that take advantage of the offer specific targeting I’ve done before placing my Adwords order.

Which begs the question – do you really need a high profile brand if you can direct interested buyers to the specific items they are looking for while bypassing the ‘front door’? Or would your dollars be better spent getting some cash flow moving through your system in the form of orders or purchases while your customer has no idea who you are as a brand?  Are you looking for positive cash flow or VC investment?  Does a bear know the difference in the woods or the side of the road if he’s got to use the bathroom?  Does the bear really give a s**t when he wants to take a s**t?