Finally! We’re not crazy!  Content marketing hinges on quality over quantity!

We don’t publish every day on any of our blogs.  We try to publish one good article each week, and we admit to using filler content for the other time or two that we push content weekly.

But that filler content has to be relevant to what we’re talking about for the week, month, time frame.

MediaPost supports that position with this article (click for the whole thing) – and they’ve got supporting evidence from the study – 

For example, Fox Business Channel, not a league-leading cable ratings grabber, ranks fifth among 50 TV brands on Facebook. It had the highest engagement based on a definitely untricky strategy of frequently encouraging its viewers to share their thoughts about stories and interviews. On Twitter, it’s 18th.

Don’t have a cow because it’s Fox, have a cow if you’re still pushing a ton of irrelevant content in order to try and marketing your company.

Twitter, we would say, is the exception to this.  We’re not huge Twitter fans, but that thing moves so fast that you’ll lose what happened in thirty seconds because everyone (including us) is so busy tweeting out content marketing that it’s all just noise.

And maybe we’re not the only ones to think that’s noise.

“Due to the real-time nature of the platform, Twitter lends itself to quicker and more direct fan conversations, which TV networks are leveraging. With networks focusing primarily on content on Facebook and isolating their response strategies to Twitter, they are missing ample opportunity to engage fans across both channels,” noted Segal.

So perhaps spending some time and crafting a real message is beneficial to your social and overall presence.  If you’re running multiple marketing streams, then at least take the time to space out the delivery of the same thing, and try not to overload the people that follow you with the same message.

It’s like someone posting the same question to three FB groups that you belong to at once – the first time you see it, you’re like eh, ok.  The second time you’re slightly annoyed and the third time you just zone out on the whole topic.