There’s a link below to a Bloomberg article where Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm and a huge proponent of smartphone and massive available growth room in the space.   We totally agree.  After meeting with some folks from Qualcomm Retail Solutions on Friday evening at the first ever iBeacon Hackathon (great job hosting by and thanks to all the sponsors), we’re firm believers that the company is looking to leverage it’s current ability to produce hardware into a move to produce relationships and software with non-traditional outlets for its’ technology.

In case you’re wondering, Qualcomm is the company who put the beacons into the Superbowl last month and are doing the deployments into the Miami Dolphins home stadium and most of MLB at the moment.   As beacon and location tech develops an even larger groundswell of support going into Q2, smart people are leveraging themselves into the space and it seems that companies are starting to pop up like pimples on a 13 year old boys face…  and in the interest of full disclosure, we are working with multiple client initiatives right now that specialize in location and time specific broadcast technology, partly in the direct to consumer space as well as the B2B side of things.