What makes a pop up restaurant unique is that, although temporary hosted from place to place, there’s a foundation built with the community.

And from speaking to chefs, spots vary from parks, to mansion-sized backyards, libraries, theatres, empty storefronts and bowling alleys.

The chef is out there establishing relationships with the community while creating the most delightful tasty dishes.

In the digital era, pop up restaurants are the trend to beat prior to that pop ups were more commonly known as supper clubs, which were closed door events for people “in the know”.


Mobile is the Key to Unlock Restaurant Promotions


Lately, we work with chefs while they are still learning themselves of what works or what doesn’t with their while molding their concept. To make sure you stay on track, our marketing experience on mobile, does just that. 

And chefs are more interested in the taste and placement of their dish as opposed to working on marketing, rightfully so. This is where we come in, to make it easier on their event. We’ll use our marketing strategies and experience to create an unforgettable customer experience, all by using mobile.

A few marketing strategies we use engage your clientele is by proximity triggers, maps and reminders to reach them, all technology that simple to use with a mobile wallet platform.

As each customized restaurant card that your clientele carries in their mobile device allows you to message them at the right time or place.

We use strategies that work to inform guests on their device using proximity triggers are geofenced or iBeacon based that we discuss in detail on our podcasts and articles that allow for exact messaging, at the right time.


A smart marketing strategy does not just appear, like magic.


The next strategy that’s used to move onto the next pop up restaurant is pretty easy one, its: where will it be located. . A restaurant card, holds the address and with one tap, Google Maps (or any third party map app) will open to reveal where the location is and provide suggested routes for navigation.

Finally, reminding your clientele of your next pop up restaurant is easy as notifications are seen on the most prime location – on the lock screen.

These methods are just a few of the ways we work with your pop up restaurant to make it run fluidly. Give us all call, tell us about your next event and we’ll set up a strategy that works with it and the next one too.