Real estate marketing is a rough gig.

So many people try to become real estate agents or brokers and fail miserably at doing so.  But the top 5% of agents – the ones that become brokers, or perhaps just top producers, how do they do that?  It’s a tough nut to crack, that’s for sure.

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One thing that we notice about our standout real estate marketing partners – whether they are agents, brokers, top producers or new to the industry – is that they share some common traits when it comes to being motivated, educated, organized and industrious.  They are a very hard working lot, and they are always trying to do more to learn, to increase their knowledge, to sharpen their closing ratios.

How do top producers get to the top?

These are the folks that spend a LOT of time at their craft – not just making sure they get it right, but insuring that they don’t get it wrong.   Think about it, the difference in the two philosophies is HUGE.

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So we talked to our “creme de la creme” so to speak, and we took an informal poll to find out what kind of educational and motivational material they found helpful (in addition to the classes and certifications and online training and well, you get the idea…) and podcasts was the top rated method of finding more information.

Since you can listen to a real estate marketing podcast at the gym, in the car, on the train, in bed, or nearly anywhere, it’s very easy to set yourself up for success when it comes to accessibility.  We listen to a lot of podcasts, and of course we produce our own podcast – Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – so we know what it takes to have a standout show, week after week.

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