Why Use Mobile Advertising? The 5 Biggest “Whys” – (ep 41)

May 24, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 41 | Why Use Mobile Advertising? 5 Biggest Reasons | Episode Link URL - https://dominoresearch.com/podcast/why-use-mobile-advertising | It's hard to run a business when you can't figure out where your customers are. Yes, that's a very strange statement to make at the beginning of a podcast about mobile marketing, but it's a great segue into this weeks topic - 5 Whys of Mobile Marketing. So many business owners want to do mobile correctly, but so many of you struggle with how, when, where and what - all without realizing that until you answer the WHY part of the equation, you won't be able to fill in the blanks in those other columns.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Why Use Mobile Advertising? The 5 Biggest "Whys" - (ep 41)

Why Use Mobile Advertising?  Here are the 5 Biggest Reasons in This Episode

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely by now heard that mobile advertising is the #1 way to get results from a broad variety of target demographics – everyone from millennials to baby boomers, and most folks in between.  Why use mobile advertising, you’re probably asking yourself, and we’ve got the answers for you in the latest podcast episode, so read on!

Everyone has a mobile phone now – nearly 90% of those are smart phones, and everyone is connected to everything, every minute of every day.

Don’t stress about it if you haven’t started successfully running mobile advertising campaigns, the critical idea is that you get started now, and make up ground quickly.  So here’s the first part of our list of why use mobile advertising – you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the rest!

#5 – If you’re not doing it, your competition is.

That’s right.  You’re not going to catch any breaks by being the last guy to the dance, all the nice girls will be taken already.  Why use mobile advertising if your competitor is already using it?  You don’t stop advertising on TV, or Google, or Facebook, or anywhere else just because your main competitor has decided to copy you, do you?

Mobile has been proven – time and again – to be the most effective way to reach prospects.  Let’s face it, everyone has a phone and everyone’s face is in that phone nearly all the time.  It’s almost impossible to get some folks away from their phones.

And while this is bad news for society, it’s not bad news for you.

#4 – You can start small and expand as needed.

That’s right – the opportunity to not get your butt kicked by the learning curve is huge.  There aren’t very many chances to learn a new trick, make money doing it, and not risk spending your entire nut to get going.  Mobile advertising, when done correctly, actually does offer each of these things.  Crazy, huh?


So go ahead, grab your earbuds, get comfortable and listen as we explain why using mobile advertising is not just a good idea, but a must do!