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VIP Hosts See Success with Mobile Updates - Ep 52

VIP hosts are seeing success using mobile updates to engage and interact with current clients and new referrals.

You may think that a day in the life of the average VIP host starts at night, and you can be forgiven for thinking that.  But the reality is that the day starts, sometimes very early, and continues on into the night.  One of the more simple ideas that is bringing success to VIP hosts is the use of mobile updates and notifications to maintain close contact with clients.

Welcome to the new episode, and today we’re focusing on VIP hosts, concierges, casino hosts and the like. It’s been awhile since we’ve produced an update for the segment of our clients – all the way back to episode 12.

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We’re going to take a walk through the typical VIP host’s day on this episode.

Hazel “interviewed” her favorite VIP host, and she’s recounting the list of to-dos, must nots, and all the other good stuff that comes along with the territory.  We’ll look at ways to be a more successful host with less effort, how to use technology – specifically mobile – to make life easier, to engage and interact more successfully with clients, and how to encourage existing clients to refer friends, co-workers, relatives, and neighbors.

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A good VIP host is basically working around the clock – sending out reminders, invitations and more – to existing customers, while also hustling to get new clients onboard.  Having access to the latest, greatest, and most desirable events in the area is only part of the job.  Getting clients to show up at these events is the hard part, since everyone seems to be in such a time crunch these days.

Concierges, casino hosts, and nightclub promoters can all benefit from working the same angles!


Grab a drink, turn up the volume, and tune in to hear about the life of a VIP host – it might change your mind about the job!