Using iBeacons at a 420 Event – What Really Worked (ep 46)

Aug 2, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 46 | Using iBeacons at Vancouvers 420 Event | Episode Link URL - | Today we're discussing how dispensaries were using iBeacons at 420 Vancouver and though it's a 420 specific event, the strategies implemented still apply to any festival to increase foot traffic.
Cannabis Culture
Cannabis Culture
Using iBeacons at a 420 Event - What Really Worked (ep 46)

This week, we are talking about using iBeacons at a festival or street event.

Back in April, Hazel attended the Vancouver 420 Festival, which was held at a park in Vancouver, in conjunction with the 420 Day festivities.  If you’re not into 420 day stuff, you can keep reading, since using iBeacons is practically the same no matter what kind of event you’re hosting.

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Or you can perhaps head back in the archives to Episode 14, which was our first episode about using iBeacons and mobile notifications to manage traffic flow, keep attendees and speakers up to date with current scheduling and so on.

What the heck is an iBeacon, anyway?

If you’re not super familiar with iBeacons or how they work, the quick answer is they are little radio transmitters that can talk to mobile phones.  They can be used in apps, or – the way we incorporate them – with Apple Wallet or some third party Android wallet apps.

When you are using iBeacon and pair it with a mobile wallet pass, you’ve instantly created a way to engage with potential customers or others that you want to reach out to – and you’ve done it by incorporating an existing, pre-loaded app like Apple Wallet, instead of spending gobs of money to create an app that no one will likely use.

So what happened, Hazel?

This spring I ventured to Sunset Beach in Vancouver to take part in 420 celebrations. We had a few dispensaries that had booths set up and they want to distinguish themselves from other dispensaries by taking advantage of iBeacons and mobile notifications.

It went really well, but you’ll have to listen to the show to find out more specifics.  We had a great time, the dispensary manager from one of the larger shops in Vancouver had a GREAT time plugging his friends band to all the attendees using the mobile notifications and everyone is stoked to use it for the next event!


Awesome then!  Get comfy, turn up the sound, and listen in on this week’s episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy –