Trade Show Sponsorship – Why Sponsors Should Choose Your Event (ep 32)

Jan 18, 2017

Show Notes - Episode 32 - Trade Show Sponsors - Why Should They Choose Your Event Over Another? - Episode Link - In the super competitive world of trade shows, it's often difficult to convince sponsors to spend more money at your show than the do at a competing event. When you're in a tight marketplace that has a lot of shows, such as advertising, it becomes even more important to demonstrate additional value to sponsors and vendors in order to get commitments for higher value positions.
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Trade Show Sponsorship - Why Sponsors Should Choose Your Event (ep 32)

Trade show sponsorship dollars can be hard to come by, especially in tight markets with lots of shows, such as advertising.

Are you a tradeshow, conference or event producer in a crowded space?  Do you struggle to sign up and sell sponsor packages to your events?  How can you make your show THE show that sponsors want to pay big bucks to exhibit at?

We’ve been in the business of attending trade shows and conferences for years – more than 20 years, across a variety of industries – design, manufacturing,  tech, entertainment, affiliate marketing, cannabis, and so on.  So we’ve seen a LOT of trade shows and conferences.

Kim even started one in Phoenix that’s still going strong, 16 years later, even though she hasn’t been involved with it in many years.  So we understand how tough it is for sponsors to quantify ROI for trade show exhibiting, and we also understand how there is only so much money in the kitty at any company to use for shows in the budget each year.

How can you demonstrate additional ROI for trade show sponsors?

There are a number of ways that sponsors can work towards figuring out ROI, some of the uses include show specific discount codes, creating a URL for the show that leads to an offer, or quizzing prospects who make contact post show about where they encountered the company or brand.

Each of these things requires the prospect to respond, and as we all well know, any time you ask a potential customer for any kind of information, they can balk and back out of the sales process.  Or they may be lazy and forget the URL or the discount code and simply end up on the front page of the website or call in and speak with an inbound sales rep instead of a show rep.

What are things that you can do – as the show host or producer?

To enable sponsors to have more opportunities to make contact and more ways to determine whether or not that contact was successful? That their trade show sponsorship is worth what they are spending to be there?

Find out more about the ways you can make your show more attractive to sponsors and vendors; these are the ways that you can start to show prospective sponsors how attending your show and having a larger presence at it can be really beneficial to the bottom line, and garner more trade show sponsorship for your event.

Learn to capitalize on your opportunities as a trade show promoter by using mobile!

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