Key Tools for Creating Effective Mobile Wallet Marketing (ep 2)

May 1, 2015

Want to get it via iTunes? Use this link - Mobile wallet marketing TRULY IS the evolution of the sales funnel. From realtors to retailers & restauranteurs, online marketers to mid-market agencies, getting a handle on how to create & distribute mobile wallet marketing campaigns quickly & easily will be critical to expanding your business in 2015.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Key Tools for Creating Effective Mobile Wallet Marketing (ep 2)


Key Tools for Creating Effective Mobile Wallet Marketing


Here’s podcast episode #2, and I feel like we’ve hit a milestone.  This one is also an audio recap from a webinar that we hosted, and it’s all about mobile wallet marketing campaigns, how to effectively use software to make them really quickly and get them into distribution.  It’s not rocket science but you do want to pay attention, if you get my drift…

In this podcast episode, we’ll cover:

  • key tools for creating effective mobile wallet marketing campaigns
  • how to leverage Apple Passbook and Google Wallet
  • why you REALLY WANT to use mobile wallet marketing as quickly as you can
  • how your prospective and current customers will most favorably interact with campaigns
  • best practices for messaging effectively

Key takeaways include some great advice for what to include and not to include on a GREAT mobile wallet marketing campaign;

some super cool ideas for off the cuff marketing plans including Apple Passbook, iBeacons and Google Wallet.

Also, I’m giving out my best advice on what NOT TO DO when messaging your customer base if you want to keep them happy and keep your passes in their mobile wallets.

Don’t miss out!

I’m also mulling around some ideas for intro jingles and all that good stuff that people with professionally produced podcasts are using, but I’m kind of stuck on what might or might not work.  Any thoughts, tips or suggestions, shoot ’em over this way!  We had talked about adding podcasts to our mobile wallet marketing platform sites – or at least to one of them – but it looks like we’re going to keep the audio content over here for now until we get a better handle on what we’re doing and how to produce the best episodes that we can.