How To: Sending Targeted Messages to Segmented Campaigns (ep 65)

May 2, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 65 | How To: Sending Targeted Messages to Segmented Campaigns | Episode Link URL – | Targeted messages are an essential part of any successful campaign. Learn to segment groups and specify marketing messages based on groupings.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
How To: Sending Targeted Messages to Segmented Campaigns (ep 65)

Targeted messages could be called the life blood of successful campaigns.

Whether you are sending email, mobile ads, or even just putting a face on the side of a bus, a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City, how you determine the segments that will most likely react positively to your message and then attempt to send targeted messages to those segments can make or break a campaign.

[LISTEN: Realtors use mobile wallet for targeted messages and ad campaigns – PODCAST EPISODE]

In this weeks episode, we’re taking a hard look at how you can best create segments for your targeted messages and what criteria to use when creating your segments or groups.  Using lock screen notifications in conjunction with mobile ad campaigns is the most effective way to reach prospective customers, referrals and repeat buyers who might (read:should) be interested in your new products and offers.

Starbucks is still an excellent example of mastering the art of sending targeted messages to interested prospects.

No matter what you think of the recent events at Starbucks – and we are not going to touch on that in the podcast episode – you have to admit that they are a corporation that has marketing down to a very basic science; they know what works to get customers in the door and making purchases – especially add on purchases that bump up the total goods sold and the average ticket.

As you probably know, the coffeeshop market is extremely crowded, hyper competitive and not particularly beset by loyal customers – most people who are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up and a place to park their laptop for awhile don’t really care if the big green sign is on the door or not.  Any local joint with freely accessible wi-fi (and restrooms, perhaps) are fair game for meetings, work sessions or just hanging out with a nice iced latte on a hot day.

Proximity and location based triggers only go so far in broadcasting targeted messages.

If you aren’t matching the offers and the options with the correctly segmented portions of your mailing list, loyalty customer base, repeat clients, etc, you are essentially wasting your time.  For instance, creating a group that encompasses digital nomads, for instance, means you are sending targeted messages to that group, as opposed to the stay at home moms (make another group for them, for sure), since the timing and purpose of their visits is usually very different.

There’s plenty more in this podcast episode, with some specific tricks and tips you can use to properly segment your campaigns before you even start sending them targeted messages.


So grab your earbuds, plug in and tune the rest of the world out!  Listen to the latest podcast episode and learn how targeted messages work best when you segment your campaigns!