The ROI of Legal Cannabis Networking Events (ep 21)

Aug 10, 2016

Show Notes - Episode 21 - Should you spend the time and money to attend legal cannabis networking events? What should you expect if you decide to attend? How can you make the most of the trip and actually see a return on your investment? Hazel & Kim have some simple tips that will help you figure out if making the trek, especially out of your area, is right for you, or if skipping it is the better alternative.
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The ROI of Legal Cannabis Networking Events (ep 21)

If you’re interested in the cannabis industry, have you attended any legal cannabis networking events yet?

There are definitely a LOT of cannabis networking events happening these days…  in the past week, Hazel and Kim have attended two Women Grow events (Phoenix and Vancouver) and the IndoExpo in Portland, OR.

There were also a couple of 420 Games events (both in California), and a conference scheduled for Denver this week, plus the always popular Hempfest is held in Seattle, WA, later in the month.

If you haven’t been to an event before, you could be asking yourself if it’s worth the money you’ll spend and the time you’ll invest to attend.

This week’s podcast offers up some frank discussion about why you should consider attending industry events, what you can expect to invest in order to go, and what kind of return on that investment you want to get in order to make it worth it.

Some events offer more attractive networking, educational tracks, or information – depending on where you are in the food chain, your current industry segment, and what you’re looking to get out of attending legal cannabis networking events.

Cannabis networking events can be a great way to meet a lot of new people in a short time.

There’s also a discussion about how to effectively set up your time at events in order to make the most of the event, as well as thoughts about late night get togethers, off premise networking and what kind of follow up with the folks that you meet during the event is reasonable.

So grab a cup of tea and your headphones, and fire up this episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy! 

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