Real Estate Lead Generation (ep 4)

May 19, 2015

Real estate lead generation is the SINGLE MOST difficult part of a real estate agent or broker's marketing effort. Today, more than ever, agents are not just competing with each other, but are actively competing with syndication sites, FSBO outfits, and a la carte real estate agent marketing tools that have been converted for use by home sellers and buyers - without the need for a qualified, full service agent.
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Real Estate Lead Generation (ep 4)

Real estate lead generation is the hardest part of any realtor, estate agent, or brokers marketing plan.


Episode #4 (Real Estate Lead Generation) of the podcast series, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, features Hazel Fruitman and Kim Stuart talking about the challenges that realtors, agents and brokers face when attempting to create and implement a sound real estate lead generation marketing plan.

Many realtors are overwhelmed by the sheer number of marketing systems and options that are on the market; they don’t understand the pros and cons of the various methods, and find it hard to determine what system is going to work best in a particular case.

  • Direct mail postcards
  • Neighborhood flyers
  • Email campaign marketing
  • Newspaper or periodical print ads

These real estate lead generation tools still make up the bulk majority of advertising done by agents and brokers, with mobile taking a back seat at the moment.  Real estate buyer leads are expensive to purchase, difficult to convert and being shared with any number of agents in a particular zip code or by other demographic targets.

Syndication sites like Trulia, Zillow, and others have a stranglehold on inbound lead submissions and control the distribution based on their own marketing and ROI goals – leading agents and brokers to an ever smaller pie with continuously slimming pieces available.

What are some of the more cost effective and time efficient ways to continuously market to leads, taking them from frigid to warm to hot, without investing heavily in old methods and technologies that don’t always offer break even on their use?

What kind of real estate lead generation tools are being developed today that give more control over the lead funnel process to agents and brokers – real estate lead generation tools that help to create a more permanent contact between the prospective buyer and the agent or agency that is attempting to develop a relationship with that buyer and nurture him or her until the time to list or buy comes along?

Listen to Episode #4 – Real Estate Agent Lead Generation – to find out more!!

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