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[Podcast] Episode 11: Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Marketing


In some states and provinces, marijuana sales are legal for medicinal or recreational purposes.  We aren’t endorsing the use or sale of any drug, prescription or recreational.

Some dispensaries and delivery services are allowed to advertise their legal marijuana business.  Many are choosing to use mobile wallet marketing as one of their ad campaign tools. 

In this week’s podcast, Hazel and Kim discuss the variety of ways that a cannabis dispensary or delivery service can make use of mobile wallet marketing passes to better serve their customer base, engage with prospects and current customers more effectively, and create a better overall marketing strategy by tying together the loose ends with mobile wallet passes.

Incorporating geofencing and iBeacons into their campaigns offer a more extensive experience for users, and mobile wallet pass retention rate in phones is currently running at better than 90% of installed passes remaining in the devices after initial install.

The typical cannabis dispensary can use mobile wallet marketing passes to:

  • Notify current customers of special offers
  • Launch new products to customer mobile phones
  • Trigger lock screen messaging on phones when customer is nearby dispensary – or nearby a competing dispensary
  • Use iBeacons to welcome customers into the store, provide additional information about inventory, specials and offers
  • Manage groups or shared interest segments via multiple passes being offered based on various factors
  • Let specific pass holders know when a delivery driver will be in a certain area in advance

…and more!

So hit the play button and find out what you’re missing!


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