A Museum Using iBeacons – 50th Podcast Episode
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy

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Today we’re talking about a museum using iBeacons to enhance visitor experience.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve made it to another milestone. Honestly, we don’t normally pay much attention to the episode count, but today it is our 50th episode and that’s something to celebrate.  And to celebrate, we’re talking about museums using iBeacons.

When we started we were going to produce a new podcast every week, but that quickly became a drag on our time and energy, and we ended up going on hiatus for a couple of months since no one wanted to do the darn things.

Anyway, today’s episode is going to be about one of our clients, it’s a museum using iBeacons, and they have taken to mobile wallets,  proximity and location marketing, and geofencing like a duck to water.

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They’ve actually managed to teach us a thing or two about some of the off the wall possibilities there are for using mobile to really reach out and touch someone.

Museums using iBeacons is nothing new, but this is a great case study.

And moving back into the museum space, let’s get into that. We aren’t allowed to use the name of the museum in the podcast, we couldn’t get them to approve that, although they did agree that we could do a dissection of their implementation.

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I think the director was a bit wary of a couple of the other museums that directly compete in their city finding out exactly how they were running their program. They did most of it on a shoe string budget and they certainly don’t want others to copy them, not direct competitors anyway, so if we used their name, it would be sure to get picked up by Google or some newswire and then their secrets would not be safe with us any longer.


Settle in and get ready, since this episode is a great one!