Mobile Wallet Passes for Cannabis Distributors – Podcast Ep 13
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Cannabis distributors and manufacturers use mobile wallet passes to build brand awareness and generate buzz about their products (pun intended).

The latest episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy features a more in depth discussion about how cannabis distributors and manufacturers can use mobile wallet passes to increase sales at the dispensary and delivery service level, educate consumers on current and new product launches, and gives some real world examples of how cannabis distributors are using mobile wallet marketing passes to generate more excitement about their products with better engagement rates.

Aside from the mountains of regulatory hurdles faced by most cannabis and hemp product manufacturers, there is also the traditional competition between brands and companies.  

Putting your product into the mobile phone of a potential customer, brand loyalist or brand evangelist is a powerful tool that helps increase sales overall, and can be a welcome addition to the marketing being done by dispensaries and delivery services carrying the product – provided they are even allowed to advertise. Coupon Pass

Wallet marketing campaigns include the location and context element – geofencing and iBeacons, the time element – push notifications for updates, and the convenience factor – already in the phone, no need to download an additional app, just add the wallet pass.

They’re also fully supported by Apple, so users know their data is safe (unless someone hires an Israeli hacker group to break into the phone like the FBI) and nothing untoward is being installed on their device.

Lock screen notifications give users the opportunity to view the front and the back of the pass without unlocking the phone, and when properly used will create a fantastic front of mind opportunity for cannabis distributors and manufacturers with thoughtfully executed campaigns.




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