Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix - Ep73

Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix That Boosts Engagement (ep 73)

Aug 22, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 73 | Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix That Boosts Engagement | Episode Link URL – | Using mobile to manage and deploy your loyalty program offers you the chance to really benefit from a flexible and effective marketing mix.
Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix - Ep73
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile + Loyalty = Impressive Marketing Mix That Boosts Engagement (ep 73)

Mobile is becoming the ultimate marketing channel and is a critical part of the marketing mix.

Yet, many still haven’t taken full advantage of it – so today, on this episode, we’ll discuss planning and executing a mobile marketing strategy that combines mobile and loyalty program or rewards setup in a great marketing mix.

As CMO of, Hazel Fruitman has a few words to say about setting up the proper marketing mix for small business owners –

“Week after week, we go through mobile strategies and we cross it with what are clients are doing, bring back the best working executions and let you in on them – so you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Today, we’re bring a marketing mix of mobile and loyalty marketing strategies and discuss how retailers and SMBs can easily execute these tactics.”

[LISTEN: Loyalty Program Setup Using Mobile Notifications – PODCAST EPISODE]

Traditional marketing strategies like tv and radio ads are costly.

Social media paid ads have been proven to be successful but the cost is your privacy and algorithm changes to your feed are now a constant factor when thinking about Facebook paid ads.  So many small business owners don’t have a budget to increase the elements in their marketing mix.

This isn’t the end of the world, however, and in this episode there are plenty of real world examples of how to increase the effectiveness of campaigns without drastically increasing the cost of advertising; this also leads to a more balanced marketing mix that should generate increasingly positive results as you tune it to best convert.

Loyalty programs executed via mobile notifications are great for SMBs; it provides a real advantage – your relationship with your customer creates and builds deeper connections with them. Mobile provides that connection, which is exactly why mobile and loyalty make a great team together.

The Power Duo: Mobile Marketing and Loyalty Marketing – A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers carry a powerful tool in their pockets – their smartphones. This constant connection presents a golden opportunity: mobile marketing. When combined with the relationship-building power of loyalty marketing, it creates an “impressive marketing mix” that fuels customer engagement, drives sales, and fosters brand loyalty. Here’s a deeper dive into this dynamic duo and its impact on your marketing strategy:

Mobile Marketing: Reaching Customers Where They Are

  • Location-Based Targeting: Leverage the power of geofencing to deliver targeted messages. Reach potential customers browsing relevant categories in other apps, near your store location, or in specific neighborhoods. These highly relevant ads grab attention and drive in-store traffic or online engagement.
  • Personalized Notifications: Go beyond generic messages. Utilize user data to personalize push notifications, offering exclusive deals or reminding customers about abandoned carts. This personalized touch creates a sense of value and encourages action.
  • Interactive Content and Gamification: Move beyond static ads! Develop interactive quizzes, polls, or augmented reality experiences for your mobile app. This fosters engagement, keeps users entertained, and strengthens brand recall.

Loyalty Marketing: Building Lasting Relationships

  • Rewarding Repeat Business: Loyalty programs incentivize repeat purchases and build customer loyalty. Offer points for every purchase, exclusive discounts for members, or tiered memberships with escalating benefits. This motivates customers to keep coming back for more.
  • Personalized Offers and Experiences: Leverage customer data to tailor loyalty program benefits. Recommend products based on browsing history, offer birthday rewards, or send exclusive deals targeted to individual preferences. This creates a sense of exclusivity and strengthens customer relationships.
  • Two-Way Communication and Feedback: Loyalty programs foster communication through surveys, feedback forms, or member forums. Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and use this feedback to improve your offerings and marketing strategies.

The Synergy of Mobile and Loyalty

When mobile marketing and loyalty marketing join forces, they create a powerful synergy:

  • Frictionless Rewards: Integrate loyalty programs with your mobile app. Allow users to track points, redeem rewards, and access exclusive offers directly from their phones. This eliminates friction and incentivizes engagement with both the mobile platform and the loyalty program.
  • Targeted Mobile Notifications: Use push notifications to promote loyalty program benefits. Alert customers about double points days, exclusive member events, or bonus point opportunities for specific purchases. This keeps them engaged and maximizes the impact of the loyalty program.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Track key metrics associated with your mobile marketing and loyalty program efforts. Analyze user engagement with mobile campaigns, redemption rates for loyalty rewards, and overall customer behavior. Use these insights to optimize both programs and maximize their effectiveness.

Beyond the App: A Multi-Channel Approach

While mobile plays a crucial role, an effective marketing mix shouldn’t be confined to the phone. Extend the mobile and loyalty experience across multiple channels:

  • Email Marketing: Send personalized emails highlighting loyalty program benefits, exclusive mobile app features, or double points opportunities. Integrate social media buttons to further increase engagement across platforms.
  • Social Media Integration: Promote your loyalty program through social media channels. Run contests where participants must be app members or utilize a specific loyalty program hashtag. This leverages the power of social media and expands reach.
  • In-Store Integration: Train your staff to promote the mobile app and loyalty program benefits. Offer in-store rewards for signing up for the program or downloading the app. This creates a seamless omnichannel experience for customers.

Creating an Impresssive Marketing Mix: The Power of Personalization

The key to an impressive marketing mix lies in personalization. By leveraging mobile technology and customer data, you can deliver targeted messages, offers, and experiences that resonate with each individual customer. This personalization fosters loyalty, drives engagement, and ultimately fuels long-term success.

Mobile marketing and loyalty marketing are not isolated strategies; they are a powerful duo. By integrating them into your marketing mix, you can create a dynamic and personalized customer experience that drives sales, fosters loyalty, and sets your brand apart in the competitive marketplace.

So grab your earbuds and a cup of something cold, and do a deep dive about how to get your marketing mix tuned up to provide the best results by adding loyalty to the roster on today’s episode!

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