How Mobile Affects the Shoppers Journey (ep 23)

Sep 7, 2016

Show Notes - Episode 23 - It's important to respect the shopper's journey from the research phase all the way through to the purchase. Shoppers today have more options than ever and if you fail them at any point along their path, they will go to your competition. Whether you're a retailer, a realtor, an online marketer, or a coach doesn't matter. Providing your prospect with the tools to make an educated decision (logic), while tugging on their heartstrings a bit (emotion) is the only way to consistently close sales in the modern world.
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How Mobile Affects the Shoppers Journey (ep 23)

Every picture tells a story.  And every shopper has a journey.

If you’re in the business of making sales, how much time to you actually spend thinking about your shopper’s journey?

The first thing you’re probably thinking is “well, I’m a _________, so my shopper’s journey isn’t the same as someone buying _________”, and if you said that, you would only be about half right.

Whether you’re a realtor or a retailer, an online coach or an offline florist, every shopper starts and finishes their path to purchasing in the same way.  They start by thinking that they might like to buy something, and they finally do buy that something (unless they decide not to buy it after all, but that’s an entirely different podcast for another episode).

It doesn’t have to be an us vs. them mentality, and it is possible to create a logical path for the shopper to follow on the road to making a purchase.

Mobile plays a HUGE role in how we acquire things today.

Whether its a potential home buyer shopping around on one of the real estate portals, or someone standing in the middle of a shoe store checking prices at another shop at the other end of the mall, the details aren’t the important part.

Learning to make contact, nurture connections, and encourage prospects and customers to easily refer you to their friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives can have a big impact on your bottom line.

In this week’s episode, Hazel & Kim take a look at how someone decides they might like to purchase something all the way through making that purchase, and break down the steps where you can step in with a good mobile marketing strategy and move your brand to the top of mind spot.


So sit back with your headphones and a cuppa, and find out how you can learn to respect the shoppers journey while increasing your bottom line with the mobile marketing podcast that teaches you to succeed.

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