Using Lockscreen Notifications to Manage Traffic at Events (ep 59)

Feb 7, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 59 | Using Lockscreen Notifications to Manage Traffic Flow at Your Events | Episode Link URL – | Keeping speakers and attendees where they need to be at a conference can become a full time job if you're not careful. . There's a more efficient means of doing that, and it involves the mobile phone lockscreen notification.
Events Marketing
Events Marketing
Using Lockscreen Notifications to Manage Traffic at Events (ep 59)

Lockscreen notifications are one of the best ways to manage traffic at your event.

If you produce or manage any sort of events, you probably think that the most disruptive part of the day is when you have to reschedule a speaker or you need to change a venue location for an event or a speaker.  It’s tough, we know that – and most attendees don’t check their emails all day or listen to the PA system with an ear to announcements that might affect them.  Lockscreen notifications can make your life so much easier.

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In this episode, Hazel and Kim talk about the typical tradeshow or conference. You maybe have produced or hosted events before, and you know that there is so much work involved that it’s crazy. Getting organized and staying organized is a major challenge and keeping everyone on track sometimes becomes a nightmare.

Things happen.

Venues change, speaker lineups change, new keynote speakers are added, timing is reworked, and if you have gone to print with everything, it can be tough to get the word out and make sure everyone knows about the changes.

Most shows are running on a minimum of staff at the event, they’re hiring temporary employees, using volunteers, or working with venue staff and security who may not have any idea what’s being changed or what’s happening in the background to create a need to update attendees, vendors, sponsors or speakers about these changes.

How do you keep everyone in the loop?

Our most successful venue hosts usually work the most simple plan – it’s the most efficient way to organize and it allows for notifications to go to the folks that need to be notified, on a flexible schedule.

The most effective way to get passes installed is to issue them with the event confirmations. Set up your email confirms to include a list of passes that should be added based on the events that someone is signed up to attend.


Turn on, tune in, and get ready to learn how to use lock screen notifications via mobile wallet to keep your “cats herded” at your next event!