Life Coaches See Engagement with Mobile Notifications - ep 75

Life Coaches See Engagement with Mobile Notifications (ep 75)

Sep 19, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 75 | Life Coaches See Engagement with Mobile Notifications | Episode Link URL – | Online life coaches see more engagement when using mobile notifications to reach out to clients. Life coaches who use mobile notifications to engage with their prospects and current clients find a higher engagement rate and more activity.
Life Coaches See Engagement with Mobile Notifications - ep 75
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Life Coaches See Engagement with Mobile Notifications (ep 75)

Life coaches are always looking for ways to be more engaged with their clients.

In the latest podcast episode, we are taking on the topic of getting more – and better – engagement with clients for life coaches.  It’s a critical piece of the pie when it comes to being successful and garnering repeat clients, referrals, and the like.

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Many of the life coaches that we work provide ‘homework’ or ‘assignments’ for their clients, in order to help determine what their baseline is, and to keep things moving along with masterminds or groups.  The more a life coach can automate the process, the more successful he or she will be in getting a message across in a timely manner.

What really works for life coaches trying to keep clients engaged with the program?

Some of our favorite life coaches have told us time and again that using mobile as a means to communicate and engage with clients (and prospective clients) is the most effective and most productive means they have when it comes to ROI.  After all, a coach working with a group or mastermind can only spend so much time on individuals and still make a profit.

Mobile is also incredibly effective when it comes to relationship building.  Often people do not want to have to make direct phone contact, video calls, or in person meetings; they feel for one reason or another that they do not have the time or they just plain don’t want to deal with it face to face – apparently this is a primary reason why people decide to hire life coaches – that is, to help them get their lives back in order so that they can begin to effectively communicate one on one again.

We’re also talking about how to craft your mobile messaging as life coaches, what it takes to write engaging (and short) lock screen notifications, how to structure your program via mobile notifications to match your online or real life curriculum, and how to use stats to tailor your program to meet multiple group needs.

So life coaches –  grab your cuppa and your earphones and dive into this weeks podcast episode!

Why Life Coaches Love Mobile Notifications

Life coaches wear many hats, but one of the biggest challenges is keeping clients engaged between sessions. This is where mobile notifications come in as a powerful tool. Let’s explore why:

Boost Engagement & Accountability: A well-timed notification can serve as a gentle nudge, reminding clients about goals, upcoming sessions, or action steps discussed in coaching. This can significantly increase the chances of clients following through on their commitments, leading to better results.

Stay Top-of-Mind: In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget things between coaching sessions. A notification pops right onto a client’s phone, ensuring the coach and their guidance remain present. This consistent touchpoint reinforces the coaching journey.

Deliver Micro-Content & Inspiration: Short bursts of encouragement, quotes, or exercises can be delivered via notifications. These bite-sized pieces of wisdom can keep clients motivated and on track throughout the day.

Promote Habit Formation: Building new habits is a core aspect of life coaching. Notifications can be used to trigger reminders for daily practices or exercises, helping clients develop long-term positive changes.

Increase Accessibility & Communication: Mobile notifications offer a convenient way for coaches to connect with clients outside of scheduled sessions. They can be used to answer quick questions, clarify action steps, or offer additional support.

However, it’s important for coaches to use notifications strategically. Bombarding clients with messages can be counterproductive. The key lies in personalization, providing relevant and timely content that adds value to the coaching experience.


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