Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy 🎧
Integrating Mobile Wallet Campaigns with Existing Ad Campaigns [Podcast 15]

Mobile wallet campaigns are one of the best ways to tie all your marketing and advertising endeavors together in a nice, tidy package.

Creating a “hub” for your omnichannel marketing efforts with mobile wallet campaigns at the center is not difficult, and the digital wallet integrates with your existing campaign collateral – providing you with an easy control source for overall messaging and brand marketing.

Hazel & Kim are back, giving detailed lessons in this podcast episode about how simple it is to integrate mobile wallet campaigns into your existing ad & marketing plans; learn how to create a hub-and-spoke system with your marketing efforts that turn them all into a linked omnichannel master plan – all without driving yourself batty in the process.

A centralized marketing message is the key to any successful campaign, not just a mobile wallet marketing play.

Whether you’re using traditional media, programmatic ad buys, social media marketing, print campaigns, or something else entirely, it’s easy to create mobile wallet campaigns that bring all the pieces together in one tidy package that updates your prospects directly to mobile when you have something to say!  When you add in the proximity and location notification triggers, the overall impact is certainly greater than the sum of the parts.

If you’re not familiar with mobile wallet campaigns and how they can effectively capture the interest of current and prospective customers, use this link for a quick primer – How Does This Thing Work? – and quickly get up to speed with the mechanics behind Apple Wallet, mobile wallet passes, mobile wallet campaigns and the most cost effective way to NOT create your own app but still get all the functionality of an app (that someone else maintains and troubleshoots!) with your own branded content.

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Once you’ve listened to this episode, get ready to take action and turn your own marketing & advertising campaigns into a super charged version that spreads your message to customers and prospects at the right time, in the right place, and with the right amount of subtlety to maintain top of mind but not become obnoxious and bothersome.