How To: Integrate CTAs for More Mobile Engagement (ep 78)

Oct 31, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 78 | How To: Integrate CTAs for More Mobile Engagement | Episode Link URL – | Learn to integrate your CTAs into your existing marketing collateral, websites, and social media to see higher engagement and interaction from users.
Mobile Ads & Marketing
Mobile Ads & Marketing
How To: Integrate CTAs for More Mobile Engagement (ep 78)

Predicting mobile engagement rates can be a tricky proposition.

Mobile engagement is critical to a successful campaign, and learning how and where to insert CTAs (calls to action) can make the difference in an outstanding ROI versus flat results that don’t prove to be worth the investment in time and money.

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The proper use of mobile ads platforms is fairly straightforward.  It really is a product that presents the opportunity to engage and interact with current customers – as well as prospective, new ones – across a wide variety of digital platforms and enables you to tie together a campaign that encompasses multiple products such as social media, email, SMS, and so on.

Mobile wallet ad campaigns are really a drop in the bucket, cost wise, compared to a lot of other types of advertising. Mobile wallet campaigns are also GDPR compliant, in case you’re doing business in the EU or other venues with strict privacy laws.

How can you improve your mobile engagement numbers with your current marketing collateral?

Unlike email marketing, or other broad spectrum advertising, mobile wallet campaigns are permission based from the start.

Users have opted to put your collateral into their mobile wallets.  It’s also possible to insert an age verification screen into the process, or even a location based type of confirmation – based on zip code or similar – so if you happen to be marketing a product that’s restricted based on age or location – something like the cannabis industry on occasion – then you’re already covered here, just by using the built in options in the platform.

How easy is it to insert CTA’s into your mobile engagement marketing materials?

If you are using a CMS like wordpress, for instance, the easiest and most obvious way to get your URL for your campaign passes on your site is through the use of widgets.  You can then translate this into mobile engagement moments inside your processes.

Craft your verbiage in a way that lets your user know what sort of direct benefit they will receive from adding the pass – whether that’s “find out first about great deals and promotions” (especially if you’re doing a loyalty or rewards element in your campaign, or you use the mobile wallet to manage your loyalty or rewards program), or whether you are doing a “customer service” type of pass and want to make sure they understand that you’re helping to simplify communication and contact for them.


Grab your headphones, fill up your cuppa and settle in to find out more about the secrets to getting great results with your mobile engagement campaigns are achieved!