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iBeacons: Bridging the Gap Between Online & Offline Sales {Episode 38}

iBeacons are the key to converting online interest into offline sales.

If you’re a small to midsized business owner with a brick and mortar (physical) location, then you maybe don’t focus on doing online sales.  After all, your business is done in the store, at the cash register, right?  That’s not entirely true, and today Hazel & Kim are going to tell you the story of iBeacons – how they can help you master the art of making someone who liked your products online decide to buy them while they’re in your store.

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You don’t need to be a marketer to have heard about iBeacons or how they are used; you may have heard terms like location based marketing, proximity marketing, or geo-targeting.  How exactly do these terms apply to your business and what you can do to increase your bottom line?

What industries are using iBeacons?  And how are they using them?

Everyone from retail shops to trade shows, sports stadiums to airports, are incorporating iBeacons, Eddystone beacons, geo-fencing, geo-tracking, geo-targeting, proximity marketing and location based advertising into their marketing and advertising plans.

Nothing else provides the instant ability to connect with a prospective customer – especially one that has already expressed interest via your Google My Business, Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page, etc.

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iBeacon technology offers location and context options for triggering smartphone notifications when they’re most effective and when they best resonate with clients in any business. It can be triggered based on time or location making it essential for any business to engage on a mobile level.

Will iBeacons work for your business?  How can you find out?

Discovering whether or not iBeacons will work for your particular business isn’t very difficult, and this week’s episode has a broad list of what kind of business applications garner the best results for a variety of business types and setups; there are also some anecdotes about out of the box thinking that really set up business owners to make the most out of using beacons and proximity marketing to increase sales, boost profits and create enormous amounts of goodwill from customers.

Grab a cup of coffee and your earphones, this week we’re talking iBeacons on the podcast!