Event Disasters: Stop Them Before They Kill Your Event (Ep 70)
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Event disasters are a normal part of producing and hosting events.

Let’s face it, no one produces a great event that goes off without a hitch.  Event disasters are way more commonplace than newbie producers are led to believe, and some of the stories are epic.  Some of them manage to escape the public eye, but that doesn’t mean the hectic backstage machinations to keep things on track aren’t happening.

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Sometimes even the best laid plans go to hell fast, and there is nothing worse than when it’s one of your marquee events. Whether it’s the weather, the venue, or the fire marshal shutting down admissions for over capacity crowds, if you host events regularly, you’ve certainly been there.

Simple suggestions to get your trade show or event back on track –

In this episode of the podcast, we’re offering up some simple suggestions that will help you get your event back on track – fast.  Most of them involve using mobile to set things right – and if you’re not using mobile at your events then you’re already doing it WAY wrong.

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The most common event disasters usually revolve around scheduling or venue disruptions – the fire alarm goes off, the keynote speaker’s flight was delayed, you know the drill…  and these little hiccups can totally derail your event if you haven’t got a backup plan – and a means to deploy it – in place already.

We will run through some of the common issues and how to figure out what the best and fastest fix for them may be, then talk about how you can easily jump in with the fix to get your show back on the original plan.

So grab your headphones and settle in for this weeks episode!