VIP Hosts, Concierges, Club Promoters Use Mobile Wallet (ep 12)

Apr 15, 2016

The latest Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy [Episode 12] is all about how Concierges, VIP Hosts, and Nightclub Promoters use mobile wallet marketing to engage with clients, generate more referrals and earn more revenue.
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VIP Hosts, Concierges, Club Promoters Use Mobile Wallet (ep 12)

In the modern age (today!) that we live in, connected and contextual are two of the main things that every service industry professional should keep in mind.  

The ability to engage and connect with clients when it’s convenient for the client, relevant to what they’re doing with you, and contextually appropriate (no one can take a phone call sitting on a plane, even a G6)  to the situation is what makes or breaks the appearance of true professionalism.

Promoters use mobile wallet marketing to guide their client base to events and venues that are going to be fun and exciting.

Whether you’re the casino host that has geofencing programmed into mobile wallet marketing passes that triggers a welcome to Vegas message when your client is at McCarran baggage claim, or you’re the concierge that schedules a series of event ticket passes to remind your clients where and when they need to catch the latest show or dinner reservation, the myriad of ways to use passes are incredible. 

Night club promoters use mobile wallet marketing to do a few things – generate buzz and excitement for their club, remind comped attendees that they need to line up, help VIP patrons avoid the lines entirely by directing them to the secret entrance…  yes, all these things and more.

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