Cheap Real Estate Tech – What’s New & What’s Good – Ep 49
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy

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Today we’re discussing cheap real estate tech.

In the ever expanding world of agent and broker marketing, cheap real estate tech can make a difference in whether or not you get noticed – or a competing agent gets the call.

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How can you determine what you need and how it’s going to best work for your specific situation?  After all, there are as many types of technology available as there are agents to buy into it.  Social media, video campaigns, single property web pages, and of course, we know agents who are still using postcards to do their primary lead generation (shame! shame! shame!).

Its actually a little dirty secret that we want to share…

…as it seems that real estate agents, realtors want to use anything they can in their arsenal of tools – to get the listing and to sell the next property. And thats where a mobile strategy comes in, One of the ways is by using a mobile wallet pass is using it as property listing pass.

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Agents use software systems that are in place from the brokerage. This allows them to create sites to showcase the properties, post to social media, and although this is cutting edge tech – nowadays its simply not enough to stay ahead of competition.

Its little dirty secret because when it comes down to it – being seen on mobile, having your real estate brand – is effective way to expand reach, engage and close the sale. And agents don’t want them to know how they did it – they want to beat out their competition, their fellow agents.

With mobile real estate agents and brokers are getting results that faster and making buyers happy.

Mobile spending is increased to close to $100 million worldwide. Mobile accounts for 85% of online browsing and traffic, so it’s definitely the smartest marketing and advertising right now.


So grab your earbuds, get a cup of coffee (or maybe a glass of wine if it’s that time of day!), and join us for a new episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.