Better Online Coaching by Using Mobile Wallet Notifications (ep 47)

Aug 16, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 47 | Better Online Coaching by Using Mobile Wallet Notifications | Episode Link URL - | It's time for another episode and this time the topic is how to use mobile wallets to become a more productive (and more profitable) online coach by leveraging mobile to engage with your prospects.
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
Better Online Coaching by Using Mobile Wallet Notifications (ep 47)

Better online coaching?  Do tell.

Way back in what seems like forever ago, we produced an episode about online coaching and mobile wallets, and that has turned out to be one of our most popular episodes! So we’re back with more information, some new tricks and tips, and an expanded look at how using mobile wallets to leverage other peoples technology can help you expand your online coaching business and become more profitable.

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Stats don’t lie.

I had a look at the stats on some of our coaching accounts, to see what kind of reach they were getting, and also to check on the amount of interaction that’s happening with them.  So far, it’s been pretty darn good.

If you haven’t seen the overall stats on the lifetime average of a mobile wallet pass in a phone, I’ll use iPhone for instance, it’s crazy.  Roughly 90% of passes stay in the wallets, well after their typical “expiration”.  When I use that term, I am including passes that were installed for things like boarding a plane or attending an event with a mobile wallet ticket.

This means that an incredible number of people who were interested in what you had to say at any point (specifically referring to coaches here) continue to maintain a connection to you, and that gives you an opportunity to reconnect with them at almost any time.  Better online coaching starts with maintaining a closer connection to prospects, students and referrals.

Did you know this?

We’ve got coaches who are very well organized and super good at segmenting their user installs based on interest level and type, and then they run specific marketing campaigns to those segments.  There’s no point in trying to push a small group class at premium prices on someone who hasn’t even signed up for your basic course, that’s a waste of time, resources and frankly it’s throwing your prospect out the window of a 15 story building since they are not connecting with your content or your offer.

So our organized people, they are running multiple campaigns across multiple passes that are targeted and segmented, and as they are moving people through their funnel, they are asking them to add new passes, and if they have people who are paying customers, signed up in the program, they are even going so far as to ask them to delete an old pass, since it’s sending them a marketing message that isn’t what they want to see.  Do people do the deletes when the coaches request it?  An amazing number of them do, and that’s a good thing, since the last thing you want is to have people turn a blind eye to your messaging – then you’re not interacting, you’re not really reaching out, you’re just wasting efforts again and that is so not good.


So get your coffee, get your earbuds, and get ready to spend the next 20 minutes learning to be a better online coach, trainer or mastermind guide!