Best Business Blogs You’re NOT Reading Yet – (ep 37)

Mar 29, 2017

Show Notes | Episode 37 | Best Business Blogs You're Not Reading | Episode URL Link - | Hazel & Kim have picked out their favorite business blogs - including some hidden gems - that you're probably not reading already. Listen up, see what you think, and maybe you'll find a new favorite.
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Best Business Blogs You're NOT Reading Yet - (ep 37)

Hey, we’re back and we’re talking about the best business blogs today.

Not our blogs (but we will say you should maybe be reading them!), but the best business blogs that we really like.

Our business, if you’re not familiar with it – – is a mobile advertising and engagement platform, designed for small to mid sized businesses.   It enables communication with prospects directly via Apple Wallet or Android wallets by using those apps to deliver your message to your customers and prospects.  That’s right – no app, no tech stuff, nothing like that to worry about.

We’re not talking so much about our business today in the podcast.

So we’re going to spend out time talking to you about some of the best business blogs that we like, that are helpful in learning how to better and more efficiently market your business, no matter what kind of campaigns you’re running – social, search, radio, tv, whatever.

If you check out a lot of blogs, you know that there are a few that are “must reads” according to the other lists you might find.  Most of those lists are just based on who has more traffic because they’re smarter at getting visitors or email addresses and doesn’t really reflect what’s going on with small and medium sized businesses run by real people.

This is not going to be the usual Kissmetrics, Moz, Hubspot, and Seth Godin staples that everyone puts on their list (or rehashes from someone else’s list).

We are going to talk about the best business blogs that you may not know, might have only heard of in passing, or might not have realized that you want to check out.  Some of them have a lot of traffic and readers already, some maybe not so much.

So grab your coffee and your earphones and let us tell you all about our favorites!

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