Automobile Dealership Marketing and the Mobile Wallet Pass (ep 17)

Jun 14, 2016

Automobile dealership marketing is an ongoing process. It's not like people buy one car and keep it for the rest of their lives. Selling them service after the sale, prepping them for their next car buy, and making sure they are sending as many referrals as possible is the most efficient way to market to current customers and get your next customers into the pipeline.
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Automobile Dealership Marketing and the Mobile Wallet Pass (ep 17)

Automobile dealership marketing is hard work.

Next to a house, an automobile is probably the largest ticket item that people purchase regularly.

And depending on where you live, LA for instance, the car might be more important. 

Automobile dealership marketing usually involves every possibly means of communication that’s available – newspaper, radio, TV, internet, SEO, Facebook ads, the list does not end until there’s nothing left to do to market your automobile dealership to your prospective customers.

Referrals are also a key.  People that were happy with your sales and initial service will tell others they know to buy from you.   People that don’t like how they were treated will tell everyone NOT to buy from you.

Automobile dealership marketing tends to live and die by the simple things – do you offer ‘white glove’ service after the sale?  Do you follow up with buyers?  Do you make sure they are happy?  Do you ask them to refer you to their friends, neighbors and co-workers?  Are you actively pursuing their engagement?

Mobile wallet marketing offers you the opportunity to engage customers, referrals and prospects in real time, with real offers via their mobile phones – and gives you the opportunity to track their response.  When you understand their response and can adapt your marketing plans to their needs, the opportunity to work with them again – and their referrals – is amplified.  

Check out this episode of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – Hazel & Kim delve into the mysteries of repeat business for automobile dealers and provide some real world, helpful advice for getting more from each customer and keeping them happy with their purchase and your relationship.

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