Apple Wallet, Facebook Place Tips, Ad Blocker for iOS9 [Podcast Episode 7]

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Apple Passbook is now Apple Wallet…

Apple’s yearly WWDC conference was held in San Francisco last week and the first part of this weeks Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy podcast episode discusses the change with the biggest impact on mobile wallet marketing — Apple Wallet.  Formerly Apple Passbook, the new name is indicative of the expanded functionality in the works, and might just be confusing enough for Android owners to forget they don’t have iOS, iPhone or iPod in their hands.

Users should be on the lookout for some new features, new integrations, and SMBs who are considering accepting Apple Pay (that’s a BIG push now for Cupertino, getting the little guys onboard with Apple Pay) and Apple Wallet transactions should be thrilled at the low cost integration that Square Register offers them – especially if they haven’t upgraded to EMV compliant terminals yet.

[Tweet “Facebook is giving away 250,000 iBeacons!”]

Facebook Place Tips – if you have a local business page on Facebook, hurry up and apply to get a free iBeacon from Facebook!  Not sure what an iBeacon is? Or how to actually use one if you get one?   Click here.

250,000 freebies sounds like a lot until you take into account the sheer number of local business pages that are active on Facebook right now.  Quick search results show 30 million active pages but that count is more than a year old. 

Turn Off Ads in Safari for iOS9…

We’re not quite sure how this one is going down yet.  It wasn’t exactly heralded with bells and whistles, like the Apple Wallet, El Capitan OS, or other key components of WWDC, but clever devs reading the fine print on the changes announcements sussed it out pretty quickly.

Highlights include:

  • open to third parties
  • using JSON library files (similar to Passbook or Apple Wallet interaction) to instruct Safari not to show ads
  • no mention of whitelist for ‘approved’ ads yet
  • no specific app from Apple defined
  • can platforms or devs exclude competitors or is it all or nothing with ads

More on these and other noteworthy news mentions in this weeks edition of the podcast. 

Click here for a primer on mobile wallet marketing or to find out how it can positively impact your bottom line.