5 Simple Tools for Mobile Wallet Marketing (ep 1)

Mar 20, 2015

Catch it on iTunes here -- https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mobile-wallet-marketing-made/id991468583?mt=2 Inaugural podcast episode in new series - Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy - first episode details what mobile wallet marketing is, why it's important to your business plan and talks about some very simple tools to get started with the channel. Brief discussion about what major chains and big box companies are successfully using Apple Passbook and Google Wallet in addition to their own apps, especially coupled with iBeacon for contextual messaging and location notifications.
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5 Simple Tools for Mobile Wallet Marketing (ep 1)

In the inaugural podcast of the new series, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, in the first episode, Hazel gives you the lowdown on exactly what mobile wallet marketing is, how it works, and how it came to be a THING.

Kim joins her to talk about who is using it *successfully*, and what they are doing in order to get those fantastic results.

We’ll talk about Apple Passbook and Google Wallet (hint: BIG part of those *successful* results) and touch on iBeacons, geofencing and location based notifications.

Then Michael joins the broadcast, covering a range of simple tools and easy to use ways to create new campaigns and get them into distribution in less than 5 minutes (think NO CODING INVOLVED HERE FOLKS!) so you can start reaping the benefits of mobile wallet marketing as soon as you’re ready to launch.

Last but not least there will be some Q&A (this podcast has been converted from webinar format, but we figured why not leave the good stuff in, since everyone has pretty much got the same questions about mobile wallets:

  • how you use them to market
  • whether you have to use them for payments
  • will customers use them
  • how much do they cost
  • how tech savvy do you need to be

Of course there are more, but if we put all the questions out here, then that kind of kills the reason for listening (except maybe you don’t really KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS anyway) and we aren’t trying to give out any spoilers…

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