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3 R’s of Top Listing Agents – (ep 8)

Jul 21, 2015

3 R's of Top Listing Agents - [Episode 8] - This week we have done some research, a little analysis, and come to a few conclusions about just what three traits top listing agents, top sales agents and top producers overall share. It doesn't matter where they are geographically, factors like age, sex or race don't seem to make a difference, and the target market they specialize in as far as property types and values doesn't change the results either. Kim's got a bonus at the end, find out how you can get YOUR property on a listing pass demo today...
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy
3 R's of Top Listing Agents - (ep 8)

Top Listing Agents Have Common Traits

This week, we’re talking about top listing agents and the three traits they all seem to have in common, no matter where they are geographically located or what property type they specialize in listing.

We’ve done an informal survey and a good bit of research to categorize the elements that we see repeated.  And then we analyzed these elements to determine what makes a top listing agent, top selling agent, or top producer.

In the podcast, we detail some of the ideas – and how they can be used by new agents, underperforming agents, and anyone who’s looking to increase their output by working smarter (we’re assuming they’re already working hard), and making intelligent choices that will tilt the wheel in their favor.

A quick recap of the 3 R’s –

1.  Reputation – every great, and most good, agents and brokers that we’ve identified have excellent reputation management skills.  In the podcast we talk a bit more about how to leverage that reputation and what actually constitutes an appropriate reputation as a professional.

2.  Replication – even a blind squirrel gets a nut!  If you’re unable to duplicate your successful efforts, then we’re going to have to chalk that up to luck, not skill…  top listing agents, top producers, and top selling agents all have a method, and they are able to replicate and (hopefully) scale their method.  This is how an agent goes from good to great!

3.   Referrals – yawn, old news, right?  In the nuts and bolts part of this section, we’re going to talk about how you can leverage mobile wallet marketing to make it so, so, so easy for your clients and contacts to refer you that you’ll kick yourself in the backside for not listening to us earlier!