3 Most Common Mistakes When Developing Mobile Strategy (ep 24)

Sep 23, 2016

Show Notes - Episode 24 - http://dominoresearch.com/podcast/3-common-mistakes-developing-mobile-strategy-podcast-ep-24/ Once you have decided to make the leap into mobile marketing and advertising for your business, the next step is to create a strategy that will garner the results you're looking for from a campaign. Hazel & Kim discuss the three most common mistakes that SMBs and other marketers make when laying out their mobile marketing and advertising strategy, and supply several options for keeping things on track and getting the best ROI out of the mobile investment.
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3 Most Common Mistakes When Developing Mobile Strategy (ep 24)

Avoid these three common mistakes for a successful mobile strategy.

So you’ve decided to make the leap into mobile marketing or mobile advertising for your small business – that’s GREAT!

Now what?  Oh, that’s right.  You need a sound strategy, a few easily workable tactics, and a road map with some simple goals to show that you can actually use mobile advertising and mobile marketing to do good things for your business.

Developing a mobile strategy isn’t rocket science, but it does require some thought.

Perhaps the most critical thought in the process is the WHY – why did you decide to go mobile?  Why do you think mobile campaigns are a good fit for your business?

Most business owners and marketers have a tendency to make the same three mistakes; while they aren’t impossible to overcome, it’s SO much easier to avoid them from the beginning so that you see positive results sooner in your campaign cycle.

Hazel & Kim are talking about how to avoid those three common mistakes when creating your mobile strategy.

That’s right – this episode is devoted to helping you bypass the “starter” mistakes (and perhaps move right on up to the senior level fiascos!), and see faster results in the process.

By creating a workable mobile strategy – one that sets up clear goals across a variety of actions and time frames, it’s relatively easy to make mobile pay off for your business, no matter what product or service, and what local range you’re going to serve.


So grab your cup of coffee (or your glass of wine), kick up your feet, and spend the next 20 minutes learning from the masters of mobile marketing!

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