We will guess that you’ve probably worked hard to build your online training course.

We can, of course, relate to how this works –

  • Hours and hours of creating, proofreading, re-writing your course materials?   Check.
  • More hours planning your funnel?  Check.
  • Even more hours planning your social media ads or Adwords?  Check.
  • Installing heat maps, conversion improvement software, and other optimization tricks?  Check.
  • Pouring over stats trying to figure out why you aren’t getting the level of engagement you expected?

WHOA!  Stop right there!

Um, ok.  What’s wrong?  Are we describing your efforts to a T?  You’ve poured heart and soul into this and it’s beautiful, incredibly useful and most of all provides real value for the user?  But you’re not getting quite the response you thought you’d get out of the gate?  

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Happens to everyone, sweetie.  You’re not alone, unique, or even special in this regard.

But you do need to pick up the pace.

If you’ve truly designed a funnel that should convert, and you’ve done a good job targeting your ads, then provided you have even a small advertising & marketing budget, you should see some results sooner, or perhaps later.  Yeah, it’s more likely later.  Not too many funnel folks tell you that it’s not an overnight success, unless you already have your own traffic.  

How can you get through to people – more people, more often?  How can you increase your engagement with your prospects?  What about upsells to the people that bought into your tripwire (or no tripwire if you’re on the other guys plan, lol!) when no one is really opening your emails, even though you’ve put Re: in the subject line and all that other stuff they told you to do…

Mobile is hot.  When will you leverage mobile to engage?

We’re not talking apps here.  As a matter of fact, apps are such a bad ROI (unless you happen to be named Niantic right now) that we would tell you to run as fast as you can from anyone who tells you to build your own app.  ALL the reasons why this is a bad idea are another post entirely, so we’ll skip that at the moment.

Ok, we can’t completely skip it.  This stat from eMarketer.com just floored us

At the end of 30 days, a tiny 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps still had active users.

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Let’s get back to your online training courses and what you can reasonably do to jump start them if they aren’t picking up enough steam as fast as you would like.

If you opt to leverage someone else’s app – you know, like maybe Apple’s Wallet, which is in EVERY iPhone – then you can leave the technical bits, and customer support and expensive programming and development to someone like Apple.  After all, they are MUCH better equipped to handle it than you are, and they have an inbuilt distribution mechanism that you’ll never, ever be able to top, unless you maybe get SO rich that you buy Android.  Got it?

  1. Mobile updates generate immediate response and interest.  Seriously, lock screen notifications are the next best (and way cheaper and less pitfall oriented) thing to SMS; everyone KNOWS that SMS response rates are king.
  2. Mobile updates in the form of passes in aggregator Wallet apps (Apple Wallet, Android Pay, etc) are currently showing around 90% retention.  Yes, that’s like 9 out of every 10 people that got a pass for something don’t delete the darn things.  Crazy, eh?
  3. Mobile updates on Wallet passes can be updated, changed, or completely redesigned to fit the next materials, offers, options or course specific needs that you might have.
  4. Mobile updates on passes are quite simply THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY to get your message out to the people that matter.

How does all this benefit you?

By combining mobile updates and marketing with your email, social, search and other efforts, you can simply and easily create a single hub that manages all your content marketing, all your trigger points, and directs traffic (PEOPLE!!!) to the next place you want them to go if they haven’t been going there.

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How can you get started?  What if you don’t really know mobile?

It’s not complicated, it takes minutes to provide the information that will have you set up and running in no time.  [NOTE: Get a demo by clicking here]  

Start with a single mobile update pass and see how easy it is to engage with prospects and customers using mobile for nearly instant results.  Test your CTAs, add Click To Call, Click to Email, push videos, webinars, podcasts, you name it – you’re only limited by your imagination.