How did you spend your holidays? Did you get the latest and greatest gadget from a box store? Did you spend time with family and friends? Or did you immerse yourself with an online coaching webinar?

As I scroll through my inbox I see there were many webinars to choose from this Black Friday. This holiday cycle indicates many digital products to choose from the top online coaches in their fields. As NOW is the time to promote, promote, promote!

Companies already strategized for the holiday season are now in the next phase of promotion are seeing strong results using a mobile pass as part of the marketing mix.

A mobile pass sits inside a mobile wallet and drives content to your users with messages seen right on the lock screen. Online coaches structure mobile marketing campaigns with a mobile pass to seamlessly work from one promotion to the next. This mobile marketing strategy engages further with their clients.

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A mobile marketing strategy uses mobile updates to engage with their clients. The same promotions online coaches use in webinars or email links are now seen on mobile.

Mobile updates were used to promote Black Friday webinars by:

Reminders – Reminding clients of when the Black Friday webinar begins.

Tease Message – Just like at the end of a webinar by giving the last of the attendees the best discounts; Create a promotion that works on mobile by giving your mobile audience the best discounts!

Here are 7 mobile updates online coaches used to engage further to promote a mobile experience:

  • Until midnight tonight, 20% off
  • Claim your Black Friday discount here
  • Before its gone @ 12 – $1 blog
  • A few hours left to get $1 Black Friday…
  • Enroll Now! Before this passes by
  • Last minute course changes
  • Get 23 templates for $7


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These mobile updates engage with their users and provide a mobile first experience.  As a mobile marketing campaign can be structured to work from first to last promotions smoothly.

Go from Black Friday promotion to Cyber Monday directly on the pass as loyal mobile users will see it on their lock screen. Its as simple as filling out a form and online coaches know how to do that.

Make the move to a mobile experience, start engaging with mobile updates!