Mobile Wallet App – Makes it Easy for Businesses

A mobile presence is easy to embrace for businesses nowadays. Now I know if you run small business or a marketing manager for a mid-sized company looking for effective ways to increase brand awareness and revenues is by integrating a mobile ad campaign into any marketing mix.

Its easy to have a mobile campaign up and running in no time, as all companies are moving forward to market to mobile and you don’t want yours being left behind.

A mobile wallet app offers:

Easy distribution

Its easy to add into your iPhone, right inside of Apple Wallet, next to your credit cards you use for Apple Pay.  A mobile wallet app  is ready to go with the latest Apple technologies without the hassle of a stand alone app.

How Easy Is That, all with a mobile wallet app!

A mobile ad platform, is a cheap and most effective way to be seen and engaged with clients right to the mobile device.

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Notifications pop right on the lock screen when it time for the next promotion to start. Move fluidity from one campaign to the next, tell your client’s what’s new, what’s hot and where its happening with the essential details that are seen with a mobile wallet app.

Share features that work!

Stay connected and engaged by sending links to social media campaigns, run surveys, listen links to podcasts, open YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Remind them of you are – what message do you want to get across to clients is now immediate action when its seen right on the lock screen.

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Include ways for clients to call, email or message your company with direct action links of your pertinent business details. Never have a client get hung up again try losing your contact info, as its right in the mobile wallet app.

Not only that, include your address for clients to tap to navigate right to your location.

You can even use iBeacon technology with location and proximity triggers to do it. As well as to send offer to customers who are in your establishment or any educational material to stay informed.

Its that easy to use to be seen right to mobile devices. Give us a call, we have suggestions and ideas on how easy it is to integrate a mobile wallet app – to your marketing mix.

We do it for your competitors, now is your time, its easy to embrace mobile.