Mobile outreach gains ground as social media loses.

We’ve all seen it, over the past few months – one scandal after another, one more data breach after another, it seems that information truly does want to run around free, and that greatly diminishes its’ value to those who have that information.   So mobile outreach becomes a more critical element in the average business marketing plan.

And this week, on the new episode of the podcast, we’re talking about mobile – just how important it can be to the overall health and ongoing success of your business.  Mobile outreach isn’t just about tossing up an ad and hoping someone will see it; it’s about using the leverage from lock screen notifications, proximity or geofencing alerts, and time based contextual messaging to achieve your campaign goals.

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Next month, Facebook starts cutting more access to its data and functionality off to app developers; those that make the cut will be facing a very different landscape, especially since Apple announced a plan to enable device owners to keep websites and apps from prying into, much less leveraging and sharing, data produced by those same devices.

So mobile outreach becomes a more important part of the average business ad campaign strategy.  We’re spending significant time in this podcast episode detailing the hows and whys of connecting loyalty programs, offers and notifications into a cohesive mobile package to see the best results.

What’s the best way to identify a smart advertising strategy?

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  The efficacy of mobile as a platform that engages users, helps them on their journey and creates a communications channel between you and your current or prospective customer base is becoming more prevalent with each passing cycle of ‘woes among advertisers’.

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While mobile will not inherently save a bad product from the market, nor will it help a poorly conceived ad campaign to succeed, it does offer the opportunity to connect with prospects and users in a meaningful way – one that isn’t predicated on a certain social network behaving a certain way, or on a specific search engine returning results in a just so manner.

Mobile, specifically via mobile wallet or even mobile app (although we have plenty of articles and podcasts that will debate the merits of apps versus wallet ads that go back years in the archives here) is rapidly becoming a key component to delivering relevant and timely ads in a manner that is appreciated and still gets noticed.

Now is the time to jump in here and listen to the latest podcast episode!