Ah, the bane of the website conversions manager — shopping cart abandonment.

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Facts and figures dispute each other as to the exact percentages of dropouts, but they all agree that it’s fairly high number for e-commerce in general, and it skyrockets when you add mobile into the mix.

Mobile consumers mostly care that the checkout experience is trustworthy, convenient, and consistent. Seventeen percent of them will abandon their carts due to concerns about privacy, while 40% will go to a competitor after a bad experience. Fifty-seven percent won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site or app.

On top of all that, 64% of consumers expect a mobile site to load in four seconds or less.

The point of sale has been the biggest stumbling block for many companies looking to drive conversions on mobile. Occasionally, the actual checkout is run by another company entirely, requires multiple forms to fill out, and sometimes asks for information that isn’t pertinent to the current sale.

I can certainly feel the pain here, we just spent the weekend migrating two of our sites off their clunky, junky, cart systems into a more streamlined checkout experience that should make people happier – or at least not scare the daylights out of them when they are confronted with how much information we need to actually process their orders and deliver their campaigns.

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Shopping cart abandonment is a repetitive topic around here, as is most anything that hinges on engagement and communication with customers and prospects.