Ah well, you knew it would happen.  The convenience of using an app on the phone or a quick sit-down at the computer to move some money from savings to checking, or to pay a bill is such a big deal that people would much rather do that than go into a branch.

Unless they’re trying to get a cashiers check, use the notary service, or some other more complex issue.  Then they want a branch.  And they want it right now.

Last year, roughly 30% of adults in the U.S. used a mobile banking service weekly, while just 24% availed themselves of a physical branch service as often, Javelin’s survey of 3,100 people found. That’s the first time in the history of the survey that mobile users (and that means just smartphones and tablets, not via desktop computers) outpaced branch users, Javelin said.

In 2015, one in ten consumers used mobile banking for the first time, or roughly 25 million people. Since 2010 the number of smartphone bankers has doubled, while the number of people using a tablet has jumped nearly 10 times, Javelin found.

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We expect that mobile banking will become even more popular in the coming months – it’s way too easy to use a phone instead of an ATM.