5 Biggest “Whys” for Using Mobile Advertising

Many businesses may not know that mobile advertising reaches all demographics from millennials to baby boomers. Surely, by now you’ve heard that its the number one way to get results.

More than 50% of people surf the web on mobile. 49% of people read email on mobile.

SMS has best response rates, that’s obviously mobile.

Until now you may think that its a struggle with how, when, where and what without asking yourself WHY?

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Why use mobile advertising? Here are 5 big reasons:

#5 – Your competition is doing it and taking money out of your pocket. These statistics are cut and dry, mobile has taking over, now is the time to take the plunge. 

#4 – You can start small and expand as needed. There’s absolutely zero requirement that you go all in from the start. Dip a toe in with a mobile coupon or membership card to grow your program as you become more familiar with the technology and understand what your customers respond to most effectively.

#3 – Mobile is the fastest way to reach out to your base. If you’re in a state that doesn’t allow direct advertising, you’re still able to manage a “preferred member” or “loyalty” type of program using mobile. Lock screen notification is fast, people don’t complain about it, and it’s very effective.

#2 – Mobile can be location or context driven – how fantastic is it that you can effectively message someone when they are in range to stop by the shop? You can’t really do that with email, website, or social media (without some expensive setup and execution)

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#1 – Mobile increases sales. When you add mobile to your marketing plan, sales, income and per person ticket all increase. You spend less acquiring customers, they buy more, and they tend to refer friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc – the speed and ease that mobile does this helps your bottom line.

At MobileWalletMarketer.com we make it easy and assist our clients in turning current ad campaigns to mobile ones. Our platform works with your brand to yield more clients to you and not your competitors, talk to us to get started.