Our Philosophy About Digital Branding

We believe that:

  • Customers deserve our best effort
  • We should always be open to new technology
  • We need to understand that technology on its own is nothing
  • Humans are the driving force behind technology
  • Offering humans the opportunity to harness technology is in the best interest of ourselves and our clients

Digital branding and mobile wallet marketing are the evolution of the funnel. 

Digital branding and mobile wallet marketing are the intersection of smartphones and traditional marketing.

With digital branding, you can:

  • Put yourself, your company or your offer directly into a prospects smartphone. 
  • Update the information residing in the smartphone at any time. 
  • Add location (contextual) based notifications using geofencing or iBeacon technology.  
  • Initiate and control the path your prospects see on their journey through your funnel. 
  • Close 15X more sales than email marketing alone.
  • See up to a 1200% increase in engagement with your offers over ANY form of traditional online marketing. 
  • Maintain nearly 90% engagement with your installed passes (remains in smartphone wallet after install). 

We understand how mobile wallet marketing and digital branding work.  We believe in the technology and we see how leveraging it in the right way can result in both happy customers and happy marketers.