Marketers, Agencies and PR Firms look to Mobile Strategies



When working with client, over 85% of them want to use mobile for their marketing efforts and look to mobile wallet marketing as the latest frontrunner of available options next to social media platforms.


It all starts with changing the mindset of marketers as everyone is falling over themselves to move to mobile because its easy to do.


A mobile channel is already a proven one when demonstrating to management of how efforts should shift to it.


[Facebook Woes, don’t wait for it to end, start using mobile ads now]


Unlike bid ads, paid ads or even a typical app,  a mobile wallet channel is structured to work by a customized mobile pass on a subscription basis. So costs remain stable and engagement soar while improving ROI and getting the attention that brands are yearning for now with the fallout of social media platforms like Facebook are now tightening up their marketing belts with limited API compatibilities and enforcing policy, making it harder for organizations to reach their marketing objectives.

There’s value in social media today, its how you use it, as brands find it a tool to get traffic and find influencers. Then build your own audience and send them to mobile with a customized pass with the latest campaign.

As for value using apps, clients find that it takes away from their business to develop a costly app which makes sense so marketing and PR firms instead use a campaign ad platform as Mobile Wallet Marketer




A mobile wallet channel makes an impact on your clients bottom line, giving them value while having marketers  spend more time and resources on what works than what doesn’t.

Delivering value for your clients with tech that works right where the end user is looking – on the mobile device is exciting for them.

Mobile wallet strategies are easy to track and work with current marketing analytics. The platform works with stable costs on a subscription basis making it easy for agencies, marketers clients to identify the costs and be certain that investing in mobile pays off.



Talk to us we work with agencies and clients, just like your to leapfrog their current ad campaigns and turn them into effective mobile ones.