Proximity marketing as location based ads is emerged as a powerful tool for marketers and brands making it a dream to use. 

In the US, companies have spent over $17 billion on location based targeted mobile advertising and in 2022 its expected to hit over $38 million.

Companies continue to engage using location based marketing because it makes an impact that results in higher response rates.

Now with resent survey’s location targeting boosts advertising campaigns by over 83% seeing higher customer engagement.

Now more than ever campaign effectiveness is more mobile based making companies using less reliant on the two big giants, Google and Facebook, especially now with Facebook cracking down on policy and API changes. and with market crashes that their facing, 71% of companies are looking for alternatives marketing channels that use location based advertising.


Duopoly of Digital Ad Revenue – A Deeper Dive



Mobile wallet strategies use location targeting because it outstandingly converts with 87% of positive customer experience and 84% campaign effectiveness.

Mobile wallet passes increases lift to target clients immediately for higher response rates – creating truly effective ad campaigns that actively make a difference to the clients mobile journey.

Location based targeting allows marketers to get a better understanding of their audience and find out in a more immediate manner how successful a mobile ad campaign and then adjust accordingly.

Mobile wallet passes allow for ad campaigns to more accurately target clients to get higher conversions and lift sales. Not only that –  mobile wallet passes are scalable and switched out for the next ad campaign easily.




CTA links on mobile wallet passes combined with the targeted marketing allow for continued metrics tracking – which is every marketers dream.

Close to two thirds of marketers surveyed look to mobile wallet passes to engage in location based offers.

Two most popular ways to offer location based ads is by using geofencing or iBeacons.

In general terms, geofencing the targeted surrounding area or use short range palm sized beacons to message your clients. These messages pop up on the lock screen allowing marketers to be creative in clients wanting to tap  onto it to find out more about location based ads.


We speak to companies in a variety of companies that are looking to location based ads to be a cost effective way to reach their client base, benefit from our experience today.