Integrating mobile and online campaigns is sometimes a tricky bit of business.

We all have moments where we’re not entirely sure how to create a cohesive campaign out of disparate elements.  Integrating mobile and online campaigns into one voice often becomes one of those moments.

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This week on our Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy podcast, we’re taking a look at how you can learn the steps you’ll need for integrating online and mobile campaigns in order to achieve the best results from each, and more important, how to create a sum that is greater than the parts when you count intangibles like ‘facetime’ with your customers, referrals and prospects.

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On this episode, we start out with a walk through the proverbial “omnichannel” landscape, which is a term that a lot of people like to throw around as if it’s made of magic.  The meaning of the term, in the simplest words, is how you are integrating mobile and online campaigns, along with other types of marketing and advertising that directly touches your prospects – such as social media, print, email marketing, and the like.  Nothing too fancy, when you get down to the nitty gritty.

Where or how do you get started with your integration?

Again, easily enough answered.  On the second part of the podcast episode, we are providing examples, using our own sites, podcast marketing and other elements in our collateral base to demonstrate how simple and easy it can be to create a cohesive campaign, monitor the results, and adjust accordingly as needed based on your stats.

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We’ll also be finishing up the episode with additional information on how you can leverage what’s left of social media marketing, SEO, and other response based advertising to juice your campaigns for the best results.

Speaking of results, you may finish listening to this episode and finally understand what stats are actually relevant to each type of marketing or advertising campaigns you are running, and how you can effectively read through the different varieties in order to understand what is actually working for you and what you can kick to the curb and stop wasting time trying to figure out to use.


So grab your earbuds, click over to the podcast episode page and learn how you can begin integrating mobile and online campaigns into a robust machine that’s powered by your imagination and fueled by customer response!