You don’t need to be a marketer to have heard about iBeacons or location based marketing. iBeacons provide value to the shoppers journey, in daily environments.


iBeacons are a fantastic mobile tool that make it easy to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

iBeacons at a trade show to move attendees smoothly from one area to the next,

Big sports use iBeacons for ticket upgrades and food/beverage add-ons,

At the airport, iBeacons assist the traveller by informing them of the latest flight information, such as delays all from a boarding pass that sits inside their mobile wallet.

Not to mention retail stores can lead foot traffic to a sales location directly inside the store.

iBeacons are an advanced mobile strategy that easily integrates with your current marketing efforts

Here are the fundamentals of location based marketing and what are iBeacons before we go move into success cases.

iBeacon technology offers location and context options for triggering attention to smartphones when they’re most effective and resonates with clients in any business, SMBs. It can be trigger based on time or location making it essential for any business to engage on a mobile level.

iBeacons work as physical short range transmitters that are placed inside any physical location, where you want to attract customer attention.

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*They are small and fit into the palm of your hand

iBeacons work with apps and the more affordable mobile wallet passes. Don’t let app developers tell you different, talk to us first before spending money on an app. Be certain it works with mobile- its created for mobile – originally by Apple.

There are lots of everyday uses where iBeacons are being used to notify you that you are using and may not even be aware of, in Arenas, trade shows, real estate agents, retail and shopping malls are where iBeacons are being used.

In retail, Macy’s department store added iBeacons in store for Christmas promotions in 2015 and reported a 74% lift in foot traffic, meaning that notifications triggered by an iBeacons throughout the store led shoppers to make a larger transaction value than without it.

Trade shows from local events to large scale ones engage with attendees. High Point market – a hundred year old trade show in North Carolina takes over the city and found that proximity messaging solved many issues. By leveraging proximity awareness alerts using iBeacon technology to manage traffic flow effectively.

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Big sports as MLB, NFL and NBA saw revenue rise with ticket upgrades. The Golden State Warriors using iBeacons directly accounted for 9% of all seat upgrades. The Atlanta Hawks followed suit and saw 11% of all seat upgrades. The Orlando Magic accounted for an increase of $1 million increase in ticket sales.

The benefits are worth it for Arenas and venues to continue to implement iBeacons throughout the them. Baseball and football stadiums also using iBeacons – using a pilot project all saw success to move forward with increased sales as 93% of MLBs now have iBeacons deployed in the arena and over half the NFL stadiums have iBeacons deployed in them.

Lets not forget Real Estate Agents using it as a tool at property Open Houses as welcome messages and to popup the features of the home as you pass through it.

The applications using iBeacons are limitless. We haven’t seen a case study where there were no benefits. Any industry is ready to start using iBeacons and again it can be done without the use of an app.

[If your not sure that iBeacons will work with your business. – try out our iBeacon worksheet.]

We take you step by step through the process of creating iBeacon success as part of your mobile strategy. iBeacons make it easy to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

No marketing experience needed, just simply fill out a form and start using it today!