Here we go, it’s another week, and we have another story about how people are using iBeacons to profit.

Gotta love it!  Beacons and the IoT are doing great things for a lot of industries, and if you’re not onboard with the idea, then you should consider taking another look at it, asap.

Consumers walking on busy streets in major cities are likely being “beaconed”, though most likely have no idea.

What?  Where?  How?  Me?  You?  Who?  

Beacons On Buses Trigger Mobile Advertising To Pedestrians – ok, maybe so.  Maybe not. 

Last summer, Vector Media, the outdoor moving media company, teamed with beacon-maker Gimbal to install beacons in 500 of the double-decker buses where Vector places advertising from major brands

Let’s get with the plan, people.  It’s like FB advertising, Adsense, Adwords, etc – if you’re not doing it, your competition is heading into the wild blue beacon yonder without a competitor. 

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This is not rocket science.  Mobile wallet marketing and beacons go hand in hand, they are like the peanut butter and jelly of the modern, cheap, effective advertising world.

“The oldest format and the newest format are coming together,” said Luke Leonard, Vector’s head of marketing.

A few years back, Vector added Wi-Fi to the buses in which riders received ads from sponsors.

It’s really hard to write a nice update when it’s the same thing again and again and again.

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Do you own a business?  Is it local?  

Do you advertise, market, otherwise promote your business?

Interestingly, consumer reaction is one more of surprise rather than intrusion, since the message is extremely relevant to what most of the pedestrians are viewing, according to Leonard.

What are you waiting for?  Why can’t you see that it’s here and now, not next year, next week or next month?

Don’t make us keep saying this.  Please.