Today we’re discussing how dispensaries used iBeacons at 420 Vancouver, these proximity marketing strategies implemented still apply to any festival to increase foot traffic. These are great iBeacon Use Case at a 420 Festival.


Quickly,  iBeacons or how they work are little radio transmitters that can talk to mobile phones. They can be used in apps, or – the way we incorporate them – with Apple Wallet or some third party Android wallet apps.

When pairing an iBeacon with a mobile wallet pass, it instantly created a way to engage with potential customers or others that you want to reach out too. Do it by incorporating an existing, pre-loaded app like Apple Wallet, instead of spending gobs of money to create an app that no one will likely use.


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This spring on Sunset Beach in Vancouver to take part in 420 celebrations. Dispensaries had a booth set up and wanted to distinguish themselves from other dispensaries by taking advantage of their mobile presence.


This type of digital signage was a way to inform and engage prior to the 420 event. It started way before the 420 event happened, directly on the dispensary floor.


Right at the point of sale – when the transaction occurs, employees remind patients to add a dispensary pass directly onto their device, allowing for lock screen notifications to remind, educate and inform. 


Ways to Distribute a Mobile Pass:

  • Signage in dispensary with QR code 
  • Ask for email for membership dispensary pass to immediately send out add link 



No matter the method, once the pass is installed to the device, it remains there 9 out of 10 times. Mobile updates appear on the lock screen promoting daily specials, reminders for local events or in-dispensary promotions by using  proximity triggers. 


To run a proximity marketing campaign with iBeacons varied from their storefront presence. Patients are already know to look at the phone when visiting the dispensary, just changing the message out to be relevant to their circumstance, in their case where their located at Sunset Beach to increase their foot traffic. 

Results when using iBeacons at a 420 Vancouver:

By dispensaries already  having a mobile presence prior to the event – made it easy to create a message offering a festival specials – informing them of weather changes and we had one dispensary let them now when one of the manager’s favorite bands came out to play on the MainStage at 420 Vancouver. The manager wanted to promote his buddy’s band by informing his patients of when the band was going to go on.


It was just a reminder on the lock screen…10 minutes before Misty Drive performs.


That made him the manager happy that he was able to use a proximity triffer for his buddy. These various types of messages you can send out to a target audience.

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Went through more of how to prepare to have proximity marketing work successfully.

Now would dispensaries do this again – yes, they would,