Holiday ad campaigns.  Yes, seriously, it’s that time of year.  Again.

We know, we know, we know…  holiday ad campaigns and the trick or treat candy is still sitting around, not even gathering dust and the flavor of old and should be thrown away yet?  Alas, it is that time of year.

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Actually, if you don’t have your holiday ad campaigns designed and ready to go yet, you’re probably borderline way too late.  Not just a little too far behind, but substantially going to get a butt kicking from your competition far behind.


All is not lost, those of you procrastinators who haven’t started working on them yet.

If you’re not 100% set on your marketing plans for this holiday season, might we take a moment and inject a suggestion?  A solution?  A potential game changer?  One that is cost effective, simple to implement, takes very little time or previous knowledge to deploy (I mean, really, can you fill out a form?  Hold that, we know some that can’t around here, lol), and gets nearly immediate results if you only half get it right.

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Even if you’re a thinly disguised Scrooge, these ad campaigns are going to work in your budget.

We don’t normally run one big ad for own sister company’s products (and we should disclaim that we don’t actually get anything more if you go to that site and sign up, no affiliate nonsense over here), but hey, it’s Friday, we’re all working for the weekend (and half Canadian, just like Loverboy!), so without further ado, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty –

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If you don’t advertise, you won’t get customers.  There is no “build it and they will come” left in this world any more – even for good old Kevin Costner, bless his little heart.  You have to practically hit people in the head with it, you know, like that broken bat off Corey Seager almost took out Morton’s knee in Game 7 the other day…  but we digress.

Mobile wallet marketing is the right choice.  So much the right choice that you’re nuts if you don’t start doing it RIGHT NOW.

Holiday ad campaigns should not stress you out; quite the opposite.  They should help you create a great opportunity for current and future customers to find something at your place of business that they want to pay you money to acquire.  Yes, Virginia, it really is that simple.

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If you tell these current and prospective customers about all your loot that they could be carrying home in big (or small) bags by using their mobile phones, you have a 62% chance that they’ll come in and do some business with you in the first two minutes after they get your holiday ad campaign on their mobile device if you enable geo-targeting or indoor locator beacons (iBeacon) as part of your pitch.


Yep, this is about the holidays, not April Fools Day so you can bet that we’re not kidding.